Ozios Aetherie Bundle Colour Headphones - 10 Colors Packs

Buy Ozios Aetherie Bundle Colour Headphones - 10 Colors Packs

The Ozios mobile headphone was made specially for use on your iPhone/iPod. Ozios Aetherie Headphones inline integrated remote permits you to take calls on top of your mobile phone with one-touch ease.

The Ozios earphones boast a new port in order to help the music sound more and smoother all-natural. Accessible only from Ozios, the acoustic headset structure produces tonally balanced audio with deep low notes of little, inner-ear earphones.

Ozios earphones boast a sturdy style, owing to sophisticated supplies, manufacturing and construction techniques--all adding as high as much more lasting high quality to you.

Regular 3.5mm headset plug fits all Music Players with 3.5mm jack port
Handsfree headphone for the telephone and ipod device and shuffle
Fashionable style (non OEM) to match your ipod device, iPhone or other
Audio Players
Non-OEM item. Accessory ONLY, other devices not integrated
Include pack of ten units